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Food & Agriculture

Explore top food and agriculture companies, carefully selected and thoroughly reviewed by our climate tech experts. Find trusted leaders in sustainability driving innovative solutions for a cleaner future.

Check out alternative protein companies in 2024.
12 Top Alternative Protein Companies To Watch In 2024 And Beyond!
In the context of a world where sustainability fights foremost, the general schematics of discussion are surrounded by questions of ...
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Stock concept image of a tablet computer in front of tomatoes growing a vine
11 Precision Agriculture Technologies You Must Know About in 2024 [Full Review]
The agricultural sector is evolving into a technology-driven industry, and precision agriculture technologies are at the forefront of this evolution. ...
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Food Waste Apps - Stock Image from Canva
20 Best Food Waste Companies: Apps, Start-ups and Organizations Making A Difference in 2024
In a world where nearly 24% of all food produced goes to waste, the battle against food wastage has never ...
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Stock image of a row of blue wheelie bins
12 Most Innovative Waste Management Startups to Watch in 2024 [Full Review]
Waste management startups are springing up like daises and bringing new innovative ways and startup ideas to better manage and ...
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