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Meet our Climate Tech Experts

Our team of Climate Tech experts meticulously assesses emerging technologies across various sectors including renewable energy, electric vehicles, circular economy, waste management, and more. Their expertise guides us in showcasing the top innovations in each sector, ensuring we feature the best of the best.

Dr. Nick Becker is a visionary sustainability expert and seasoned serial entrepreneur, adept at harmonizing the realms of green technology and astute business acumen.

Are you passionate about Climate Tech?

If you have experience working in Climate Tech over the past few years, we want you to join our team of experts.

Our Sustainability Contributors

Our team of Sustainability Contributors dedicates itself to continuous research in this field, aiding us in highlighting new best practices and approaches to sustainable living.

Tamir, the founder of ClimateSort.

Oscar Collins is the dedicated editor-in-chief at Modded.

Nadine is a health coach and writer .

Liza pivoted from environmental consulting.

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