Tamir, the founder of ClimateSort and a fervent eco-conscious advocate, dedicates himself to promoting valuable insights into various facets of green technology and environmental awareness.


Tamir, humbly serving as the founder of ClimateSort, finds inspiration in a genuine passion for green tech and a heartfelt desire to contribute to a brighter future for our children. His focus extends to researching innovations in renewable energy, addressing food waste, exploring the EV market, and more.


Tamir serves as an advisor and mentor to multiple ClimateTech startups, actively engaging with venture capitalists and accelerators.As the driving force behind ClimateSort, he not only leads the platform but also enjoys expressing his enthusiasm through writing, with a focus on covering groundbreaking innovations within the green tech sphere. Having sold multiple companies, Tamir has transitioned to a purpose-driven life, dedicating himself to the cause of building a greener future and ensuring that every moment at work contributes meaningfully to this endeavor.


With over 12 years of entrepreneurial experience, Tamir, blending his skills in online marketing with a love for green tech, has nurtured the growth of ClimateSort. While the platform is fortunate to have a team of talented eco-conscious writers, Tamir remains actively involved, personally covering the latest innovations in the green tech space. His journey reflects a humble alignment of business acumen and environmental advocacy, showcasing a commitment to driving positive change through MindsetEco.

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