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How to Organize Your Life to Live More Sustainably (2023)

Sustainable living is an idea of reducing the consumption of natural resources. Unfortunately, overconsumption, the irresponsible extraction of materials and burning of fossil fuels has brought about global warming.

Also, there are a lot of different threats that the planet experiences because of unsustainable living. For example, excessive consumption has promoted deforestationdesertification, and pollution of natural resources. 

If you want to avoid supporting manufacturers in extracting more resources, you need to learn how to use food and other products responsibly.

But, unfortunately, the lives of modern people comprise a lot of plastic, disposable items, and waste. Therefore, you will likely be required to organize your life in a different way to live more sustainably.

It might sound like an overwhelming task to reorganize your life but luckily, there are simple things you can do to set yourself up for (sustainable) success! 

In this guide, we’re covering how to organize and change your lifestyle.

Let’s dive right in!

1. Organize Your Home to Save Natural Resources

The first thing to do as you start living more sustainably is to start saving energy. Unfortunately, people waste a lot of energy. However, factories burn fossil fuel or install more green energy-generating items to produce it. Windmills and solar panels also need natural resources extracted for being produced. 

There is no need to refuse to spend electricity and compromise on your comfort. Nevertheless, you can optimize a lot of processes to consume less energy.

For starters, it’s recommended to install led light bulbs. They release plenty of light, consuming less energy. Also, unplug devices that you don’t use and install light sensors in a garage or attic. It will help you save energy if you forget to switch it off.

Finally, if you want to consume less energy generated by power plants, feel free to install solar panels or windmills to generate electricity yourself.

The same attitude should be applied to other resources like natural gas and water. To save water without compromising your comfort, feel free to install a sink hose sprayer. It will help you spend less water when washing your hands or dishes. Also, by installing a smart thermostat, you will start spending less on heating or cooling. 

Take a look at this video by No Nature No Future for some more tips on conserving natural resources at home:


2. Set Up Your Reuse and Recycle System

Unfortunately, it is tough to stop producing waste. People toss a lot of plastic packages, paper bags, and other items daily. If you want to live sustainably, you have to start sorting your waste to recycle it.

Get separate trash bins for plastic, biodegradables, metal, and glass. It will help reduce the need for raw material extraction to impact the planet positively. Also, it will help if you dispose of any electronic devices, like vapes and batteries responsibly. Note, it’s forbidden to toss them in the trash. Instead, you should give batteries and other devices to certified e-waste recyclers. 

Sustainable Living - stock image from Canva of a woman putting paper into one of three recycling bins in her home

Besides, it’s recommended to minimize the waste you toss in the trash. It’s advised to learn to reuse different items to achieve this goal. For example, if you have damaged apparel, feel free to donate it. Do not be shy about purchasing items made of recycled materials to contribute to sustainable living. 

Also, learn to use paper responsibly. For example, if you make notes, explore the best essays on organizational behavior online, use both sides of the paper to reduce waste. Nevertheless, it’s recommended to go paperless and stop using paper. Fortunately, these days, there are a lot of note-taking alternatives on desktops and smartphones. 

3. Learn to Plan Ahead 

Unfortunately, it’s tough to switch to sustainable living fast because people already have developed habits that need to be changed.

If you want to start consuming fewer resources and utilizing products responsibly, you have to build a plan on reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to the global warming fight.

Install a planning app on your smartphone or desktop to not use paper. Then you have to create a list of the most significant points that will help you organize your life for more sustainable living. For instance, create a detailed plan with steps to spend less energy and produce less waste. Then, follow them strictly to develop a habit or get used to utilizing more efficient tools. Then, add more items to the list to save the planet. 

This video by kübriela offers some insight into how to plan and organize your life to make lasting changes:


4. Reconsider Your Nutrition

The problem with food waste can be easily resolved by opting for groceries upon the need. However, to live more sustainably, it’s also required to reconsider your nutrition.

It’s advised to get rid of prepared products and use fresh food. It will help you get rid of a large number of plastic and cardboard packages

Also, it’s recommended to reduce the consumption of meat in your daily diet. This is because farmers need to spend a lot of water and grain to produce meat. On average, 1 pound of beef requires 2.5 pounds of grain and a lot of water. Besides, livestock is a significant source of greenhouse gas. Therefore, it’s a good idea to reconsider your diet to switch to more sustainable living.

A vegan lifestyle is a great for sustainability, but its not for everyone. You can also reduce the amount of meat you eat. To get the required amount of protein, you need to supplement your diet with products like vegan burgers, beans, nuts, and mushrooms.

5. Pay Attention to Transportation

These days, the electrical vehicle segment develops at a high pace. and many manufacturers are now producing green cars with zero emissions. Meanwhile, a lot of countries are about to ban gas cars shortly. It’s a significant trend that will help fight global warming.

Nevertheless, the majority of vehicles on the road burn fossil fuel. Therefore, don’t hesitate to pay close attention to transportation. Indeed, all people have different needs that shouldn’t be compromised. However, there are a few ways to start living more sustainably

Check out this video by EcoMastery Project for a snapshot of more sustainable transportation options around the world:


In case you live in a highly-populated city and don’t need to travel long distances, feel free to use a bike or electric scooter. Also, you can share rides with other people by using shuttles or public transport. It will help you almost erase the need to drive a car.

If you live further out, you can switch to driving an electric vehicle or start sharing rides with other people. For example, you can take your neighbors or family members to particular locations. Also, you may get additional benefits. Some states offer dedicated fast lanes for cars that drive more than one person. It’s a perk that those who are dedicated to sustainable living use. 


Sustainable living looks a little different for everyone but the five areas set out above create a solid foundation for you to build the sustainable lifestyle of your dreams!

If you incorporate aspects from each of these key areas, you will be able to use fewer natural resources, create less waste, contribute to a more circular economy and live a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.

About the Author

Henry Taylor is an expert on the eco-friendly ways of living. He is concerned about environmental problems and is always in search of the best solutions. Henry is a researcher who learns more about global warming and other issues. He does his best to live more sustainably and likes sharing the best recommendations with others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to start living sustainably?

Sustainable living is essential for keeping our planet safe from severe changes. The excess consumption and irresponsible use of materials lead to global warming, environmental pollution, droughts, and other problems. Those who consider living more sustainably help fight global warming and other serious issues that negatively affect the environment and climate. Read the full guide for more tips on organizing your life to live more sustainably.

What is the best way to live more sustainably?

There is no solid plan to organize your life to live more sustainably. Switching to sustainable living is a set of different actions to help you spend less natural resources, food, and items. Nevertheless, first of all, you need to create a responsible consumption mindset to change your habits. The best way is to choose the aspects you maintain long term. Check the full guide for tips on how to live more sustainably.

How many people live sustainably?

Unfortunately, there is a lack of research worldwide to discover how many people are concerned about environmental problems. However, according to recent surveys, nearly a third of US residents state that they are eco-friendly. Roughly 34% of people say that they consume resources wisely. Read the full guide for more info and actionable tips.

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