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7 Best Natural Herbs for Weight Loss With Added Health Benefits (Guide)

Any time you decide to embark on a weight loss journey, it is possible to have a hard time doing it if you lack all the important information. Most people would simply go for the supplements readily on the market as a way to start their weight loss process. However, there are various other methods you can always use if you want to lose weight. 

One of those things is to consider herbs for weight loss. Yes, some herbs help you lose weight and keep it off, but you need to know which ones to use. 

The best part about such herbs is they can also improve liver health, blood flow, insulin sensitivity, improve digestion, blood pressure, reduce fat formation, and so much more. This guide helps you why it might be time to use herbs to lose weight

7 Herbs for Weight Loss & Their Added Benefits

Since you can come across many herbs in the market, sometimes it can be confusing. Some options include Chinese herbs for weight loss and African herbs for weight loss. We review some of these herbs below to help you choose the right one for you. 

1. Cayenne Pepper

If you love spicy foods, you might have cayenne pepper spice in your home. Well, it can also be a good herb for weight loss other than just for cooking.

The compound capsaicin in the herb can help promote weight loss since it can boost metabolism. This means that you burn more fat cells, thus reducing body fat.

Other than boosting overall metabolism, it also curbs your hunger, thus keeping the body at a calorie deficit. Another benefit is that all these can help prevent weight gain. No wonder it’s been rated as one of the key ingredients of fat-burning pills.

Take a look at this video by Horizons Health for more on the benefits of cayenne pepper:


2. Green Coffee Bean Extract 

Green coffee bean extract is often used in supplements for weight loss because of its numerous health benefits, including controlling food intake by acting as an appetite suppressant and can regulate blood sugar levels. This can be an alternative medicine to manage insulin resistance. However, more research is needed for this. 

review of 3 studies found that green coffee bean extract would help reduce body weight by around 5.5 pounds. That is not all, as the same may help reduce BMI and belly fat too. 

3. Fenugreek

Fenugreek might just be more than a household spice many people use right now. Research shows that fenugreek seed extract can help in controlling your appetite and blood sugar and reduce food cravings. That is how the body ends up burning fat as it is at a calorie deficit. 

Herbs for Weight Loss - Fenugreek leaves and seeds on a wooden spoon

A study on 18 people who used 8 grams of fenugreek fiber per day was able to curb cravings and also consumed less food. Of course, they also experienced reduced belly fat. That is why such an ingredient may be common in several weight loss supplements. 

4. Ginger

Yes, ginger also has weight loss properties too. It has been used as a traditional Chinese medicine for remedying several ailments. More research so far shows how ginger could also help with weight loss. 

review of 14 studies done on humans found that ginger supplementation helped in decreasing belly fat and body weight. It also helped with the digestive system. So, such herbal remedies might not be so bad to consider. 

Another review of 27 studies found that ginger would help boost metabolism and body fat-burning capabilities. Also, it could still help reduce fat absorption keeping the body fat percentage low. 

5. Turmeric

Your weight loss efforts can also be boosted when you have turmeric as part of the herbs.

The presence of curcumin compound in turmeric is what helps with weight loss. This compound also has anti-inflammatory properties. 

Herbs for Weight Loss - Turmeric powder in a bowl, with Turmeric capsules next to it

study done on 44 overweight and obese subjects found that using curcumin twice per day for a whole month led to the loss of excess body fat. Some subjects lost up to 5% of their body fat. 

An animal study also found that supplementing curcumin for a period of 12 weeks helped reduce body weight and fat synthesis in mice. 

6. Ginseng

This is another herb you would come across in Chinese medicine. It is also recognized in other regions such as Korea and America for its weight loss benefits. 

Several studies have found ginseng a good ingredient to support weight loss. A small study found that using ginseng twice each day for at least eight weeks left the users with noticeable fat loss and a healthier weight. It can also help boost gut health. 

7. Black Pepper 

Black pepper contains piperine which is key to aiding weight loss. A study on piperine supplementation found that it could help reduce your appetite and inhibit fat cell formation. So, such weight loss herbs can help with your weight loss journey by restricting the formation of new fat cells.

Herbs for Weight Loss - Ground Black Pepper next to a wooden spoon of whole black pepper corns

There is still the need for human studies on the same. Nevertheless, you can expect improved hunger management if you continue using black pepper as a spice. 

How to Use Herbs for Weight Loss Safely, a premier online health news site, has been a great resource for many people seeking a healthier way to lose weight. They encourage people to consider herbal medicine, a high-fat diet, more proteins, and other key weight loss supplements to kickstart the weight loss journey. 

As much as herbs can help with fat metabolism, heart health, energy levels, and immune system, it does not mean you go overboard. Stick to no more than 14 grams for each herb. That is like one tablespoon. Also, pair the herbs with a nutritious meal too. 

In case you are taking the herbs as supplements, be advised to stick to the recommended dose to avoid side effects. 

Anyone who might be taking other medications should always consult their doctor first. The last thing you want is drug interactions. 

Final Thoughts on Using Natural Herbs for Weight Loss

So far, you can see that besides helping to flavor foods, the herbs mentioned above can help burn more calories to help reduce the excess weight you might have right now. Make sure that you always have a balanced diet too to keep you healthy as you try to lose weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best natural herb for losing weight?

You can often consider cayenne pepper for weight loss. This herb has capsaicin, which is key for boosting the metabolism and still keep your cravings low. Check out the full guide for more on caynne pepper and other natural herbs for weight loss.

What natural herbs are good for reducing belly fat?

Fenugreek can be a good choice for reducing belly fat. Its job is to help make you feel fuller for longer. As a result, you will not keep eating all the time, and the body can now burn fat for energy. There is no herb or supplement that can target specific areas of your body to lose weight but losing weight will usually reduce your belly fat by default. Check out the full guide for more on the best herbs for weight loss and how to use them safely.

What beverage can I drink to lose belly fat overnight?

As much as you might not lose a lot overnight, you might find that some drinks help with weight loss. They include diuretic drinks and green tea, kombucha, ginger tea, black tea, coffee, and protein water. Check out the full guide for more on the best natural herbs and drinks to use on your weight loss journey.


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