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9 Best Home Energy Management Systems to Cut Your Energy Cost in 2024 [Review]

It’s very difficult for most of us to ensure that we always have control over how much energy we use and consume every day. That also means sometimes we leave some appliances/devices on, and thus waste energy.

That’s where a home energy management system helps, because it allows us to track and optimize everything, while also knowing how to better use the energy we have access to.

What is a Home Energy Management System?

The home energy management system is also known as a HEMS, and it’s a digital system. Its role is to help you monitor, as well as control the way you generate, consume, and store energy within your home.

If you have a solar system, a home energy management system is extremely important. It will allow you to make the most out of such a system, while also increasing its efficiency and saving money as well.

Why Should You Use an Energy Management System?

  • Your overall energy costs will be reduced. That means you get more control over what you consume, figure out any unwanted consumption spikes, and generally you spend less on energy. That’s a huge benefit, and it will only make things great in the long term.
  • It’s possible to use the energy management system as a way to lower your carbon footprint while still fulfilling your energy needs.
  • The energy management system offers an exceptional return on investment. Even if there’s a higher initial investment, the return is very good.
  • You will have exceptional comfort, while also ensuring that your energy is stored and consumed efficiently.
  • Also, the energy management system can be a solid investment even if you want to sell your property in the future. It will help increase your property value, and that’s always an amazing thing to have.

Energy management

What Are the Technical Requirements for HEMs?

Depending on the desired functions and features you want, HEMs technical requirements can be different. Despite that, you will have some very specific requirements, as you can see below.

Connectivity Requirements

  • A constant internet connection is necessary, since most HEMs will come with cloud systems or online features.
  • In addition, devices will need to be compatible with solar protocols like Z-Wave or ZigBee.
  • Wi-Fi or Bluetooth support are also necessary.

Software Requirements

  • These tools should allow users to create their own automation rules. That would allow them to control any specific parameters, while also accessing their automation features with ease.
  • Normally, the hardware should also come with a mobile app or at least a web interface. Here’s where you should see devices, manage automations and track the energy consumption, among many others.
  • You need to have access to a detailed report and analysis system. That way, you will know where you can start saving money and what appliances or devices are consuming too much energy. Something like that might signal some devices are not working properly and might need maintenance/a replacement.

Hardware Requirements

  • Every home energy management system should have a smart meter that helps you track energy consumption in real time.
  • Having access to multiple sensors and smart devices can be a great way to ensure you can monitor all energy use throughout the property.
  • A central hub that helps collect data from all sensors and devices is a must-have as well.

Other Potential Requirements for Your HEM

  • Depending on the system, you might need to have interoperability with other devices. That’s why support for other devices is a must-have.
  • Is the system scalable or not? Since your needs might change/increase with time, you do want to ensure that the HEMs you choose can be scaled.
  • Does it have any security options? Authentication and encryption features are not mandatory, but they are a must-have for any security-conscious HEMs user.

It’s imperative to check these requirements and see if your potential HEMs includes them or not. Every person has their different requirements, but you always want to ensure the system you buy will cover the features you need, while staying within your budget!

9 Best HEMS in 2024

As you peruse this list, you’ll notice that most of these companies offer hardware solutions such as monitors but it’s not only the hardware they provide but also HEMS, or are in the process of launching, accompanying HEMS. This software goes beyond mere monitoring, extending to the active management of your home energy.

Emporia logo


HQ Location
Littleton, Colorado, USA
Num. of Employees
Emporia Homepage

Emporia Vue offers a powerful management system to help you track energy consumption. It installs in the electrical panel and it can monitor up to 16 circuits. On top of that, you have solar net metering, along with the home energy use. It’s one of the top ways to see how much energy is used and generated in real-time. In addition, they also offer mobile and web apps to help control, manage, and automate the consumption tracking process.


  • It transmits energy use notifications via a Wi-Fi antenna
  • You can track your solar power generation and consumption
  • The interface is versatile and easy to use
  • It automates the monitoring process


  • Data is stored on the cloud and not on your device
  • Internet access is mandatory

Eyedro logo


HQ Location
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Num. of Employees
Eyedro Homepage

Eyedro has a comprehensive electricity monitor whose focus is to help you spend less money on energy. You can use it as the perfect tool for you to track energy usage and see when there are unwanted spikes. It’s a solar-ready product, and the info is kept in the cloud. However, there are no cloud subscription fees. The energy costs and usage are shared in real-time, and they also offer daily reports, along with estimates and bill comparisons.


  • It’s an easy-to-install system
  • It has net metering and solar panel info
  • All info is relayed in real-time
  • No cloud subscription fees
  • Daily reports
  • Access to historical data


  • The software can be improved

Smappee logo


HQ Location
Harelbeke, Belgium
Num. of Employees
Smappee Homepage

While pricing starts at roughly $300, this is one of the best and most reliable energy management solutions on the market. It allows you to monitor gas, solar, water energy systems with great ease. They have a dashboard, and also a dedicated app for real-time and historical data. It also interoperates with other services and IoT products. In addition, you have dynamic load balancing along with smart control. Smappee also has a modular system here, which makes it future-proof.


  • You can monitor a variety of energy systems
  • Access historical and real-time data
  • Dynamic load balancing
  • Interoperable with IoT services and products
  • Low maintenance, frequent updates


  • It can sometimes confuse appliances that have similar energy use
  • Some issues with appliance recognition

Sense logo


HQ Location
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Num. of Employees
Sense Homepage

Sense uses the power of AI in order to give you real-time information and comprehensive details about energy consumption, storage and use. You can also detect all devices that use electricity within your home with excellent accuracy.

The product also detects spikes in energy use, and you receive all the necessary info in real-time. You’ll also know if/when any devices were left on, and they were not supposed to be on. Prices vary, but they start at roughly $300.


  • Great support for TOU plans
  • It’s possible to customize the notification system
  • Detect spikes in energy consumption
  • Very accurate and comprehensive


  • Device detection rates can be faster
  • It can sometimes confuse high-wattage devices

Schneider Electric logo

Schneider Electric

HQ Location
Paris, France
Num. of Employees
10 000+
Schneider Electric Homepage

The product is designed to help you manage and track electricity usage in your home. You have a powerful insight into the energy use for your property. The package comes with two main CTs along with a monitoring hub. Of course, there’s also a detailed app with all the features and necessary tools that you may need.

At $376, it’s on the more expensive side. However, it’s detailed and with comprehensive info and reporting. You can also receive notifications when there are spikes in usage as well.


  • Easy to install and use
  • A minimalist, yet powerful system
  • Track any energy spikes and receive notifications
  • Very good mobile app


  • It’s very expensive

Efergy logo


HQ Location
Sheffield, UK
Num. of Employees
Efergy Homepage

Efergy helps you narrow down the energy costs in your home with accurate monitoring. All the info is shared in real-time, and you can find usage history from daily to yearly. You can see exactly when and how you consumed energy, but also find ways to reduce home energy use.

Installation is cohesive and simple, and you get constant energy monitoring. Now you can finally know how much energy is consumed by every appliance, with detailed accuracy and information.


  • Monitor energy costs in the entire home
  • Mobile portal and smartphone app
  • See the usage history for up to a year
  • Track the way your appliances consume energy
  • 24/7 energy monitoring


  • Extra clamps are sold separately

Generac logo


HQ Location
Wisconsin. USA
Num. of Employees

The Generac PWRview W2 is a powerful home energy monitor. It focuses on home energy generation and consumption. Generac also added smart current transformers, and it has a versatile design. The product delivers real-time energy usage, along with dashboards for energy usage. There are dashboards for solar and battery usage with PWRcell, that’s sold separately. With this device, you can finally explore energy trends and identify any issues with your energy consumption.

At $376, it’s on the more expensive side. However, it’s detailed and with comprehensive info and reporting. You can also receive notifications when there are spikes in usage as well.


  • Comprehensive home energy generation and consumption tracking
  • Tablet and smartphone app
  • Daily energy insights provided
  • Identify trends with detailed data inputs


  • It enters you into an ecosystem of products

Curb Energy

Curb Energy Monitoring

HQ Location
Chandler, Arizona, USA
Num. of Employees
Curb (Elevation) Homepage

Curb’s main focus with their energy monitoring system is to show you energy consumption data in real-time. You can understand your energy costs, and also track energy usage in real time. It’s optimized for solar systems, and it can also identify wasted energy. That way, you know how to maximize your energy systems while removing any unwanted issues that can arise.

Plus, you can use the system to turn smart devices on or off remotely. That will help you reduce their energy usage. Also, the regular curb unit comes with 10 sensors.


  • See your energy use in real-time
  • Very detailed mobile app
  • 10 sensors available
  • Weekly emails with energy tracking info


  • Pricing on demand

OWL Micro+ logo

OWL Micro+

HQ Location
Hampshire, UK
Num. of Employees

If you want a very simple, yet still dependable and reliable home energy monitor and tracker, then OWL Micro+ can be a good option. It helps you track live energy consumption on your property. It also supports flat rates and block tariffs.

The installation process is efficient and quick, too, you don’t need an electrician either. Plus, you have access to average readings for the past 3 months. That way, it becomes a lot easier to identify any power spikes or problems that can arise. They also show greenhouse gas impact, along with energy cost. And yes, OWL Micro+ also has alarm functions too.


  • A very powerful sensor system
  • Real-time tracking for home energy use
  • 2 years of warranty, simple installation
  • Support for timed tariffs


  • Some data transfer limitations


Picking the right home energy management system requires a lot of attention, and it always comes down to the features you need. Ideally, you want to buy a comprehensive energy tracker that offers accurate readings. Making sure that you also have access to historical data and reports or even an alarm/notification system is highly important. Once you know the features needed from a HEMS, it becomes much easier to select the ideal model that fits your requirements!


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