“Compostable” refers to materials and products that have the ability to undergo biological decomposition in a composting environment, turning into […]


“Biodegradable” is a term used to describe materials or substances that can be broken down by natural processes into simpler,


“Reusable” is a term used to describe products, materials, or systems that are designed and intended for multiple uses instead

Saltwater intrusion

Saltwater intrusion is a phenomenon where saline water from the sea infiltrates and contaminates freshwater aquifers or surface water sources


Reforestation is the deliberate process of planting trees and restoring forests in areas where they have been cut down or

Ocean acidification

Ocean acidification is a process driven by the absorption of excess carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere into the world’s


Landfills are engineered sites designated for the disposal of solid waste, which includes household garbage, industrial waste, construction debris, and

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